Elisha Novoa

  Every day from October 5 through December 18,  student-athletes will be meeting with coaches for weekly conditioning during the 7th period.  Coaches will conduct a full-body workout just like if we were at school and we will track everyone’s progress. The girls will be in one google classroom and the boys will be in another. 

   We are following the State and County protocols in making sure all things we do are safe for students, staff, and parents,  For now, we will be conducting workout and team bond sessions via zoom. When it is safe for everyone, we are hoping for in-person training, but for now, we are taking many safety precautions so that we are all safe, healthy, and fit.

   In December when CIF allows us, we will start in-person training. Throughout the first semester of school, there will not be any games.  All season will take place in the second semester. Both Winter and Spring Sessions will be 10 weeks each.  Winter sports will be from January through March, and Spring sports will be from March till June. So the hard work starts now. 

    To stay fit throughout the weekends and in your free time, we recommend you take 15 to 30 minutes a day to do some sort of workout. It could be a quick run, push-ups, a HITT workout, – something to keep your body moving. Also watch what you eat.  That will make or break you.       

     The virtual practice may not be ideal but  you will still be able to meet with your teammates and build that bond with them. 

Joining a sports team can get you up in moving, at this moment we do not have a sign-up sheet but if you are interested in playing a sport or multiple sports email:

Coach S the Athletic Director:  [email protected]

Also, you can contact some of the coaches: 

[email protected] [email protected]

 [email protected] [email protected]


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