The Learning Triangle

The Learning Triangle

Chief Pulos

One of the strongest shapes in nature is a triangle. Similarly, one of the strongest relationships in education is the triangle  between the student, the parent, and the teacher. When all 3 parts of this education triangle do their part to hold up their side of the shape, students learn better, find new interests, and have better relationships with the adults that guide them.

A recent weakness that has been growing into the education triangle is a lack of respect for the education time: the minutes a student gets to be with friends, see their instructors, learn new information, grow their brain, and move toward educational success. These interruptions come from several places: animals, people, noises, time required to do things. So many things and sometimes all at once!

Now, let’s be honest, everyone is new to this virtual learning world and no one has all the answers on how to do it best. However, everyone is trying their best to meet the demands this COVID19 world has thrust upon us.

What does this mean for us, for the NVMI education triangle? Where do we all have our part? Students- no more video games during class. No ignoring your classes, turning on cameras and walking away. Your teachers work really hard to make this as good for you as possible.
Teachers- lessons have to be engaging-not song-and-dance every day engaging, but they should be interesting for our student population. Remember to use technology to make lessons better not just make lessons. Parents-students need quiet places to learn without being asked to do chores, loud music playing, trips to the store during the school day, and without younger siblings playing with supplies or computers while students are in class.

We can all admit that some of these requests are hard. People are in places and situations they never could have predicted with way more people living together than ever, which can make quiet space impossible. So many people have adopted pets to help them cope with this stressful time and those pets are really important. Some people have to do more work than ever to get to the same place they used to be!

The world is asking people to do things they have never been asked to do before and no one expects perfection. So what can we expect?  We can expect to work together to get through this. We can expect that everyone is trying their hardest to just make it through each day. And we expect that, as a team, an education triangle, we are the strongest force to help students be their very best during times that do not allow for the best circumstances.