Weird. Unprecedented. Stressful. Unusual.

Weird. Unprecedented.  Stressful. Unusual.

With all the uprooting that people have experienced, they have realized that there is an opportunity to be found in this time: an opportunity for change.  For some, this change is positive.
Here is a true opportunity to be someone you were not before, whether that means you’re a better student, a better friend, a better brother or sister, a better son or daughter, or just a better person all around.  You get to use COVID-19 as an excuse to tell people you’ve changed.
     “You never got good grades,” your friends might say.
     “I know, but I really got into reading during quarantine,” you reply.
     “There’s no way we can be friends with that person,” other people might scoff.
     “Why not? They may have done something cool during the COVID lockdowns and I want to know about it,” is all you say as you walk away.
     “What about what everyone else will say?” your peers tease.
     “Them? Those people that don’t lead my life? That don’t face my struggles? That don’t overcome my obstacles? They’re too worried about themselves to worry about me,” you guarantee them.
Now is the time for you to be a better you.  Start with something small, manageable, doable.
  1. Attend all your classes
  2. Talk to a peer you’ve never dared to talk to before
  3. Actually read the assignment your teacher gives you
  4. Do your homework for one full week and see if it makes life any different  (Do your parents leave you alone? Do your teachers give praise?)
Now is the time for you to do more than stare at a video game, than to be rude to someone else online because you can hide behind your keyboard, than to be shut away from everyone.  Take 2 minutes to send a friend a text and talk.  Literally look outside for something growing and just appreciate that it still grows even though our world is tossed upside down.  Say thank you to anyone that does something nice for you.  Change.  Be better.  Let COVID-19 be the reason you are coming back into the world, coming back to school, a better version of yourself than you were before everyone was locked down.