Meet Adriana Martinez! Our Math Tutor Extraordinaire!

Meet Adriana Martinez!  Our Math Tutor Extraordinaire!

Adriana helped us part-time last fall as a support teacher with our Dual College program and substitute teacher.    This year she is full time online and focusing her efforts on tutoring our students in most subjects but with an emphasis on math.  


Adriana was a full time teacher with Ivy Charter (2005-2015).  She worked with middle school students and her students consistently raised their scores in her middle school classes.   She worked for ten years in the classroom and received recognition and incentive pay for her achievements with raising students math test scores at Ivy.  For the past five years, Adriana has been a personal tutor for multiple students in all grade levels.  Working as a personal tutor has given her time to spend with her two sons and her family.


Adriana is a creative teacher who uses multiple means to reach our students.  She uses song, art, manipulatives and student’s prior knowledge to reach every kind of learner.. Adriana said that she loves teaching her students but she misses them when they no longer need her support.  Her teaching style equips students with what they need to be successful in math and other subjects.  Many of her students have reached out to her and thanked her for their success in school and life.


NVMI is always looking for ways to help our students achieve, we are blessed to have Adriana helping our students learn math at our school.