Early College Program


Elisha Novoa, Editor In Chief

   “Education is a passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today,” said Malcolm X. You can start challenging yourself today, by taking college courses. North Valley Military Institute offers accelerated classes through Los Angeles Mission College to prepare NVMI students. The get ahead early college program is one of the most beneficial programs offered at NVMI. Students at the age of fourteen and above are qualified to join the dual enroll program in high school. Upon enrollment  in the program, you are provided a head start on the college experience.  Transferable credits can be earned for a four-year university. The classes have a lower ratio of students to instructors.  You have the  ability to explore fields of study that help you choose a major.  You can take classes that are not currently available at the high school, and save money on tuition. 

   As high school students living in a competitive world, you have to be equipped and prepared. A college degree can help you to attain all the dreams and hopes you wish to achieve. As a first-generation student, going to college can be difficult. NVMI can help you get used to the college system.   When you take an opportunity like this,  you are challenging yourself and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

  Last year I enrolled in the Early College Program.  One of my classes was History 02. I was not a fan of learning about history until last year.  From my professor I learned, history isn’t just about the place and people. It’s about how and why.  Not only did it change the way I see history, it made me fall in love with the subject. 

   At NVMI, you are giving an option to take courses in 6 pathway choices: Media/Art, Child Development/Education, Business, Health/Medical, Information Technology, and Public Service. Within these pathways, you take classes to complete the credit you need to receive an AA degree in your major of choice. A college degree opens many doors of opportunity and allows you to explore every option available. A good education can be a way into a prosperous career and more importantly a successful life. 

   Enrolling in college classes while still in high school can save you thousands of dollars. One year of college ranges from 10,000-50,000 dollars or more. Coming from a low-income family, because of the cost, college is sometimes out of the picture. NVMI has changed that for some people by providing the early college program. Taking these classes give you start to your future for free.

Eighty-six of the participants are students of color, forty-two percent came from non-English speaking homes, and one third had parents with no prior college experience. 

     The dual-enrollment program has become a popular way for high school students to explore the world of college curriculum before leaving high school.