Hawks PAAL

Hawks PAAL

Hawk’s PAAL

NVMI has developed and implemented the Personal Academic and Activity Log.  This Google Sheet file has replaced the printed planner that Cadets are used to receiving.  The PAAL was designed to assist each Cadet with daily organization.  The Google Sheet is manage by each Cadets primary LOC Teacher.  Here are the LOC Managers:

6th Grade – SFC Padilla

7th Grade – Chief Pulos

8th Grade – SSG Perez

9th Grade – Chief Morden

10th Grade – CSM Tolliver

11th Grade – 1SG Allinder

12th Grade – Each Grade level Counselor

Alpha – Ms Bailey

Bravo –CPT Theodore

Charlie – Ms Sanchez

There are 5 parts to the PAAL.  The first is the Cover. This page provides quick links to every part of the PAAL.  Simply hover over a week and click on the link that appears.  This will take you directly to that week for that topic.  The Cover also provides links to the NVMI Webpage as well as the Bell Schedule.  Lastly, there is a link to the NVMI YouTube channel that provides videos that explain each section.

The next tab in the Google Sheet is the PLANNER.  This is a week by week calendar that the Cadets will use to keep track of classes, homework, and events.  In the YouTube video titled “Part 1 –P.A.A.L. Academic Planner”, specific instruction are provided to setup the Cadets class schedule.  This video explains how to enter homework assignments as well as other reminders and notices.  There are 2 topics that are prepopulated each week as permanent reminders.  These are the Hawks Cast and the Weekly Current Events assignments. 


The third portion of the PAAL is the Academic Vocabulary tab.  This is very similar to the previous Academic Vocabulary assignments in past semesters.  The Cadet will notice that the Week number is listed on the far left hand side. This will match the grading in PowerSchool. Then, the Day and Date is provided along with Word of the Day.  The Cadet is required to add 2 to 4 words within the word family.  Then, the Cadet will enter the definition, use the word of the day in a sentence, and insert a picture of the word.  Instructions are provided on the YouTube channel.  “Part 2 – P.A.A.L. Academic Vocabulary”.   The Cadet must complete this assignment in their PAAL.  This assignment is due every Monday for the previous week.  The Cadets no longer need to turn in this work.  By doing it in the PAAL, the LOC Teacher can simply open the PAAL and grade the work.  After each 4 week period, the Academic Vocabulary for those 4 week swill be locked and will not be able to be turned in.  So late work is only accepted up to each 4 week period.

The next portion of the PAAL is the Wellness Journal.  The instructions are found on the YouTube channel, “Part 3 P.A.A.L. Wellness Journal”.  The Wellness Journal is deigned to track the nutrition, fitness, and sleep of each Cadet.  Proper health requires a balance of these 3 areas.  The Cadet needs to enter what they ate for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.  The Cadet must be honest with themselves when making these entries.  Additionally, they will enter what physical exercise activities they completed.  Lastly, the Cadet will enter how many hours of sleep they got that night.  This information will be used for the Cadet to reflect and analyze their habits to improve their overall health. This will be graded in PT class by the PT Teacher.  The PAAL files have been shared from the LOC Teachers with the PT Teachers.  The Cadet needs to complete the Wellness Journal entries in the PAAL, which are due every Monday.  The PT Teacher will open each Cadets PAAL and grade each weeks Wellness Journal.

The last portion of the PAAL is the PT Goal Sheet.  The exercises listed are taken directly from the FitnessGram which is an assessment of each Cadets physical ability.  The results of this assessment are reported to the State of California Board of Education.  The Cadet will complete each exercise as homework during the first week of school.  They will enter the number, time, or distance for each event.  The Cadet then needs to determine a goal for each event and enter that number.  Then, each week, the Cadet needs to complete the exercise listed on the corresponding day of the week.  For example, each Cadet will complete the Sit and Reach every Monday as PT Homework.  The Cadet enters the result.  This continues each day throughout the week.  When the Cadet enters Week 2 results, the entry will change colors.  If the box turns Red, then the Cadet did not meet their established goal.  If the box turns Yellow, the Cadet did not improve nor decline in performance.  If the box turns Green, the Cadet made improvement.  Week 2 is measured from the entered Goal.  Week 3 and all following weeks are measured from the previous week.  Ideally, all of the boxes are either yellow or green.  This will show progress and positively reinforce the physical efforts for the Cadet.  PT Class is teaching muscle group improvement.  The PT Goal sheet tracks progress.

Any questions can be directed to the Grade Level LOC Manager listed above.