Letter From a Recent Grad


Good Afternoon, Dr. Ryan!

I wanted to let you know that I am extremely thankful for all of what NVMI has taught me. I just started college and I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that I wouldn’t be as confident about succeeding if it weren’t for the preparations that were taught to me at NVMI. I owe a lot of that to you, sir.

You have truly made NVMI a college preparatory school.”

— Jennifer Martinez

Any student that takes advantage of the opportunities handed out, will only become better citizens in the world. 

I would also like to acknowledge the productivity and organization that NVMI has had during online learning. I am working as a TA, as you may already know, and I am amazed at how wonderful the teachers are in aiding their students and making the class environment as normal as possible. I have family members enrolled in public districts school that unfortunately do not have the best of luck in classes. I am so lucky to have attended a school that truly cared about their students, especially with a superintendent as devoted as you, sir. 


I hope this email uplifts your spirits and brings you some sense of accomplishment, because believe me, sir, NVMI truly is an amazing school and it is all thanks to you. 


Hope you have a good rest of your day and stay safe! 


Best regards, 

Jennifer Martinez