Senior Athletes React To Changes Brought by Covid-19


Elisha Novoa, Editor In Chief

  No one imagined to live this way, it was a sudden shift for everyone. We went from seeing our friends, teachers, and family in person every day only to see them through a virtual screen these past seven months. For all of us, it has been and still is, a tough time. The school year has just begun, and so are high school events. Yet we are at a time where a lot of high school events are limited. The last class graduated during the pandemic. And this senior class never imagined living this way. 

  This is affecting our senior class. Some of the things we enjoy are being taken away from them. Due to the virus, sports, extracurricular activities, and dances are prohibited. These events that our cadets like to participate in, impact their lives positively. Throughout high school, cadets are exposed to a variety of sports like football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer, wrestling, softball, baseball, and lacrosse. Playing these sports you build bonds that go beyond playing a game.

  The seniors have built up friendships and relationships with teammates and coaches over the four years. I asked an individual why they keep playing after you’re not pushed anymore.  “I love the game and it has stuck with me my whole life, there was no excuse for me not to continue playing,” Maya Villareal Molina (12, HQ) said.

“When you do something for so long it is part of your life.””

— Maya Villarreal Molina

“When you do something for so long it is part of your life.”

— Maya Villarreal Molina

   Sports provide ways to escape the stress of our daily lives and come together as a community. Sports in society can also even influence our understanding of gender roles and socio-economic issues, and they can help frame city, state, and national identity. Playing the game can teach us and shape our personalities. I also asked another individual why playing is important to you and how it affects your life. “It helps build confidence in myself, playing isn’t just about scoring and shooting, it helps me build skills like communication, compassion, and how to get back up,” said Edward Castillo (12, HQ) . 

    You learn a lot from playing sports. Sports teach us about the value of failure. Whether practicing or competing, athletic pursuits are built out of moments of triumph and moments of defeat. No matter what game you’re playing, it’s important to accept success and to experience defeat with dignity. Also to “learning teamwork” isn’t just about learning to trust others. It’s also about learning to share credit for success and failure. Being a good teammate means passing the ball to somebody else. Their success is your success and everyone celebrates. And playing helps you care for someone other than yourself. 

    Not being able to play these last 7 months has affected their lives. Not being able to play had taken a toll on some of our seniors. Our fall sports are postponed, grad night where we celebrate them and wish them goodbye from their last sport has been postponed. The last opportunity for them to play with a team has vanished. I asked 2 individuals how not being able to play has impacted their lives these last months. “It’s a terrible situation that we are in because we had a good team forming and had a shot at winning a championship in girls’ basketball. And last semester before the virus shut us down in baseball we had a good strike going but we were able to continue that season because it was canceled” said Maya. And Edward said, “Dedicating time and not being able to play like you used to. Of course, you can play at home but it’s not the same, you don’t have your team with you, our coaches, and friends to push you to your ability.” Coming to a small school you build bonds with people all around you. The coaches have seen some of these cadets grow since their sixth grade and it is devastating not being able to spend their last year together. 

    Time goes by so fast. Next thing you know you will be 26 and starting your first business. It’s important not to take our time for granted. Some seniors would love to have more time to play with their teammates. So take every chance that you have an open mind and always hold your head up.