When any student is absent, there are a number of steps to take:

  1. As soon as a parent knows the child is going to be absent, please email Mrs. Loza at [email protected] to let her know of the absence and the reason.
  2. Please call 818-368-1557 and leave a voicemail message informing the school about the absence and the reason for the absence.
  3. When the child returns to class, please be sure you send an email to Mrs. Loza informing her the absence is now over and was excused, and for what reason.
  4. Be sure your child completes an Independent Study Agreement and completes all assigned work so the absence can be excused and the work can help them maintain high grades in all classes.

Remember that absences affect academic performance, and they result in financial losses to the school. Please do everything you can to ensure your child attends ALL classes EVERY day. Just because we are in virtual instruction does not mean that attendance is unimportant.