You are expected to participate in after school virtual entrance camp with College ROTC Cadet Julian Robledo beginning at 1530 (3:30PM) daily. The Google Classroom code is: 3c4w4zr  Attendance and participation is a requirement. If you fail to successfully complete entrance camp according to the schedule, you forfeit the privilege of attending NVMI. Cadet Robledo is a graduate of NVMI attending university in San Diego, and he is a wonderful teacher and helper. If you have any questions about rolling entrance camp, please contact your TAC team.

NVMI has many supports and accommodations available to every student who demonstrates a desire to attend our school, including for students with disabilities, students needing support with English language development, and students who need any socioemotional support. We just need you to participate and show that you are trying so we can help you succeed. Please be sure you join the Virtual Entrance Camp daily so you can learn what you need to learn and receive the support to succeed.  If you or your child need any supports to ensure successful completion of Virtual Entrance Camp, please reach out to Mrs. Uribe at [email protected] or Dr. Ryan at [email protected].