We All Have a New PAAL


 The Personal Academic and Activities Log (PAAL for short) is a wonderful new tool that takes the place of the printed planner. On the first tab, you have places to record your homework for each class. It is an expectation you write SOMETHING for each class period each day. This is also a place to write reminders about upcoming quizzes, tests, and exams, studying for important assessments, long term projects, meetings, practices, games, activities, family events, or anything you need to try to remember. The planner is a wonderful tool if you learn to use it effectively. The other tabs on the PAAL are for you to complete your Academic Vocabulary each week, your Wellness Journal each week, and your Fitness Goals Tracking each week. Having all of this in one place makes this a simplified tool, helps you not lose it, and makes it easier for parents to review, teachers and TAC teams to review, and for the school to communicate with home. Your cadet chain of command and TAC teams will be checking this PAAL weekly and the successful and proper completion of it will count toward both your LOC and PE grades. There is a very helpful video made by 1SG Allinder embedded in the PAAL for your reference and to help you effectively use all of the PAAL’s components.