Summer Camp Finishes


Summer Camp

   The North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory Academy’s Entrance Camp is a three-week-long camp where candidates learn about NVMI tradition, procedure, and how to fit into our NVMI family. Candidates work very hard over the past 150 hours to gain the knowledge and skills to join the school.

  This year we held our first every virtual entrance camp. It was an adjustment meant for everyone. But we held our standards the same. During Entrance Camp, candidates will be required to complete a written test of names of key NVMI adult and cadet leader personnel, military courtesies and customs, and NVMI history.  Candidates are also required to complete a series of performance tasks such as reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, singing the National Anthem, reciting the 15 Duties of an NVMI cadet, marching at attention, and performing basic stationary drill movements. Candidates also must complete a “Hawk Walk.” The Hawk Walk takes place in front of the company student leaders.  Each candidate stands in front of his/her review board and completes a set of tasks as a means of proving to the student leaders that he/she is ready to assume the responsibility that comes with being a member of a military company. Tasks include singing the NVMI Alma Mater, reciting the NVMI Creed and General Orders, and demonstrating military courtesy and a proper salute. Only when a candidate completes entrance camp does s/he becomes a “pledge.”

    Two months before the entrance camp started, the cadet leader spent days preparing for everything to go well. As the top leadership at the school, we had to plan to make this process as simple and as accomplishable as possible. Everyone had a task to complete. The S-1, which is in charge of administration she made sure to have attendance done every single day.  She assigned people to take attendance every class and to make sure all the candidates showed up. If they didn’t show up to class, she would call home and make sure that they showed up. The S-2, which is in charge of safety and security made sure that there was no zoom bombing or cyberbullying happening during camp. If there was a situation she would help the command sergeant major deal with the issue. The S-3 had one of the hardest jobs during the entrance camp. Her job is to create training schedules. She planned out the entire day from the start to finish. She spent her day making the training schedules for the next day, teaching instructors how to teach, made sure there were instructors to teach every class, and that everyone had the proper materials to make the day successful. The S-5 with the help of adult mentors ran all the social media accounts. Before the entrance camp started she was in charge of creating videos for the candidates to watch and learn off. All those videos were posted on youtube for everyone to have access to. The S-6 and his mentor ran the online help. If anyone needed help to log into google classroom, zoom, or their emails he was the man to help them. During the entrance, camp to keep the moral we created moral activities. The S-7 planned for us to have a scavenger hunt, a show and tell of what kind of pets we have, and played hot seat to get to know each other. The executive officer oversaw everything that happened during the entrance camp. She helped every cadet leader complete their task. The goal of the cadet leadership was to assist each other. We had each other back during camp. We all played an important part. If we weren’t completing our task we were teaching class, tutoring candidates, or helping out each other complete the task. 

  The entrance camp wasn’t easy for anyone. Not for the adult staff, not for the cadet staff, and not for the candidates. It was a learning experience for everyone. While the candidates were learning to become NVMI cadets, the cadet leadership was also learning how to teach and manage classes virtually. But with what we were able to do virtually the candidates had a good time. At the end of camp, we asked 3 individuals from each company about their experience. 

The first question we asked was. What was your favorite part of the entrance camp?

Candidate from alpha company said, “My favorite part of the entrance camp was learning how to do left face, right face because in other schools you don’t know that and how they showed us how to be respectful because not lot of school care or emphasize that in their students and I like that NVMI does that.” NVMI has a lot of discipline but because of that discipline, we teach our cadets to be respectful young adults that carry themselves with pride, and that is something the candidates noticed. 

Candidate from the Bravo company said, “My favorite part was meeting the staff and getting to know the staff virtually and knowing how nice they are and how supportive they were to everyone and how willing they were to help each person to pass.” Here at NVMI we care about every single individual and want to ensure they are as successful as they possibly can. 

Candidate from Charlie company said, “My favorite part of entrance camp was how everyone was nice.” 

The second question asked was what was the most interesting thing you learned.

All three candidates said that the most interesting thing they learned was the NVMI tradition class. In that class, we explained to the candidate all the events NVMI has, all the fundraisers, and all the extra-curricular activities NVMI has. 

The third question was what was the hardest thing you learned during camp.

All three candidates said, “The hardest thing we had to learn was the facing movements.”

Our last question was what are you most excited about this school year. 

The candidate from alpha company said, “I am most excited about getting a new start because going to a new school gives you a fresh start and I think I need a fresh start.” And the candidate from bravo company said, “This school year I am excited to meet new people and to build better bonds with the staff and other cadets and create new friendships and see that campus myself.” 

NVMI has a lot to offer and many of these candidates will be able to benefit from what we have here and we welcome everyone to our NVMI family.