Edward Castillo, Deputy Commander of Leadership


Hello, my name is Edward Castillo, I’m senior and I’ve been at NVMI for over 6 years. The staff position that I hold is the Deputy Commander of Leadership. The position is teaching others how to be good leaders. I do that by setting the example and teaching my peers how to become a leader and having proper techniques on showing professionalism and maturity. The way I do my job as Deputy Commander is by giving advice and tips on what could be done better, how to grasp the attention when teaching or represent something. One other thing that I do for my shop is I teach others on doing basic drill movements. I became a cadet leader, by actively participating and consistently showing that I wanted to be a part of the leadership at NVMI. I did everything a leader does to make myself known that I was going to do a great deal if I had to be chosen as a cadet leader. One thing that inspires me to be a part of the battalion staff is how I always try and do better for anything and always have the motivation to go and try out new ideas because as Stan lee said: “If you genuinely have a good idea don’t let someone else talk you out of it”.