Mr Kennedy Introduces Himself


Ms. Stribling

My name is Scott Kennedy.  I will be NVMI’s new high school Physics, Chemistry and Medical Biology teacher.  I have worked for schools in both California and New York. I have a degree in Psychology as well as earning my teaching credentials in Instructional Specialist, English Learner and Multi-Subject academics.  I have taught middle to high school for the past 15 + years. My favorite sport is hockey, LA Kings are my team.  My hobbies include gardening, thrifting, and all my animals, which include 2 dogs who are boxers, (Haddie and Molly), 22 chickens, 120 finches, 10 parakeets, canary, 5 turtles, as well as all the hummingbirds, wild finches and doves who frequent my gardens each day.  What  most people do not know about me is that I took a break from academic teaching for 5 years and was a national IT consultant for Epic IT Medical Services.  I traveled around the country teaching doctors, nurses, therapists and medical support staff how to enter patient and retrieve patient data into their new electronic medical record charting system.  My favorite food is pasta.  My goal is to open my own Thrift Store that provides support for students with special needs, employment opportunities, field trips, horseback riding, a place to develop vocational skills and entrepreneurial talents.