Orientation for ALL students begins August 19

Ms. Stribling

Get ready for the new school year by attending mandatory orientation.  At orientation, you will check out a school Chromebook, take photo ID’s, learn about the new electronic planner, receive books, supplies and the NVMI t-shirt.

Orientation August 19, 20, 21 or 22. Students will come according to family last name at the following days and times:

Wednesday, August 19th

Last name beginning with

A-      2:00-3:30pm

B-      3:30-4:00pm

C-      4:00-5:30pm

D-     5:30-7:00pm

E-      5:30-7:00pm

F-       5:30-7:00pm

Thursday, August 20th

Last name beginning with:

G-     2:00-4:00pm

H-     4:00-5:00pm

I-        4:00-5:00pm

J-        5:00-6:00pm

K-      5:00-6:00pm

L-       5:00-6:00pm

Friday, August 21st

Last name beginning with:

M-    2:00-4:00pm

N-     4:00-5:30pm

O-     4:00-5:30pm

P-      4:00-5:30pm

Q-     5:30-7:00pm

R-      5:30-7:00pm

Saturday, August 22nd

Last name beginning with:

S-       9:00-10:00am

T-      9:00-10:00am

U-     10:00-11:00am

V-      10:00-11:00am

W-Z 10:00-11:00am

·       At orientation, students and parents will accomplish a number of tasks, including

o   Completing required school paperwork and Extended learning program paperwork

o   Checking out a school Chromebook if you do not have one (all students will be required to have a school Chromebook even if they have another computer or laptop)

o   Checking out a school hotspot if you need one

o   Taking an ID photo

o   Receiving instructions for the new NVMI ePlanner (electronic planner which replaces the physical planner)

o   Logging into student and parent email and PowerSchool access

o   Receiving LA Mission College textbooks if taking LAMC classes

o   Receiving information about food and other services

o   Receive your NVMI PT shirt

o   Receive class supplies you will need for your particular academic schedule (including necessary books, art supplies, science supplies, etc)

·       Attendance at orientation is critical. If you were unable to come at your assigned time for any reason, the MAKEUP date is Saturday AUGUST 22nd- 11:00-12:30 p.m.