Supe’s Corner 5/23/21


Once again, there are several important announcements I am making in this week’s Supe’s Corner, so please carefully read this entire article, and if you have any questions, please email, or call or text me directly.



  • All 6th graders are asked to be here on campus not later than 0730 (7:30AM) Monday, May 24.
  • All 7th graders are asked to be here on campus not later than 0730 (7:30AM) Tuesday, May 25.
  • All 8th graders are asked to be here on campus not later than 0730 (7:30AM) Wednesday, May 26.
  • All 11th graders are asked to be here on campus not later than 0730 (7:30AM) Thursday, May 27
  • All 6th or 7th or 8th or 11th graders who missed their assigned testing day are asked to be here on campus not later than 0730 (7:30AM) Friday, May 28.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the testing?


Q: Do we have to do the testing?

A: Yes, President Biden and Secretary of Education Cardona are requiring all children nationwide to take these tests so we can measure what you have learned and what we need to focus on continuing to teach you.

Q: Can we take the test remotely on computer from home?

A: No, we must supervise you in person.

Q: Do we wear a uniform when we come to campus?

A: Yes, your complete PT or pledge uniform.

Q: What if our uniform does not fit?

A: We will provide a free replacement pair of shorts and t-shirt when you arrive on campus for testing.

Q: Do we need to get COVID tested in advance?

A: No

Q: Do we have to be vaccinated to come on campus for testing?

A: No

Q: What do we need to bring?

A: Your Chromebook and charger. Be sure your Chromebook is fully charged the night before you come for testing.

Q: Will we get breakfast when we come for testing?

A: Absolutely – a free nutritious breakfast will be provided for everyone.

Q: Will we get lunch?

A: Absolutely – we will have the In-N-Out truck here to give you burgers, cheeseburgers, double doubles chips, and drinks after you successfully finish your tests.

Q: How many tests are we taking?

A: An English test and a math test.

Q: Why are these tests so important?

A: They show the world how smart our NVMI cadets are. They show your parents how much you have learned. They prove to the Los Angeles County Board of Education, who authorized our school charter, how smart you all are.  Doing well on these tests if critical for NVMI to continue to stay open to serve you and others who want our military school.

Q: Will we get merits for coming?

A: YES – you get 500 merits for being here on time and completing your test successfully?

Q: What can we use the merits for?

A: Merits can be exchanged for gift cards beginning this coming Memorial Day weekend? There are gift cards for various stores and restaurants and online places – ranging from $5 up to $100.

Q: How will we request the merit gift card prizes?

A: You will get an email on Friday May 28 with instructions to complete an order form.

Q: When will we get the cards?

A: Cards will be picked up beginning Thursday June 3 from 9-12AM.

Q: What happens if we do very well on these tests?

A: Doing well GUARANTEES you will pass your English and/or math classes AND can raise your grades to as high as A’s depending on how well you do.

Q: Is it true I could pass my class even if I have a zero percent, simply by doing well on these tests?

A: Yes – if you do well on the English test, no matter what your current grade is, you will pass English. If you do well on the math test, no matter what your current grade is, you will pass math.

Q: What happens if we do not do well on these tests?

A: We will offer summer school to students whose performance on the tests shows they need extra help.

Q: What happens if we do not show up?

A: You do not get the merits. You do not get the In-N-Out lunch. You do not get the chance to show off how smart you are, AND unless you pass all your classes, you will end up in summer school to make up the classes you failed.

Q: When will we be done with testing?

A: You will be dismissed as soon as you have finished testing around noon, and you have gotten your In-N-Out lunch.

Q: What happens if we are in grades 9, 10, or 12? Do we have to test?

A: You do not have to do these on-campus tests, but you will still be taking other important Scantron tests (or have already taken them) in English and math that all the above FAQs also apply to.

Q: What if we have been coming to campus normally for school? Do we continue to come this week?
A: Yes, normal schedule and routine.

Q: When are final exams?

A: Each teacher will announce their own final exam plan.

Q: When is the last day of classes?

A: If you have completed your final exams and your teacher tells you that you have passed the course, then you are done for the semester. If you have passed all your classes, you can begin to enjoy your summer vacation. If you have not yet passed a course, you will need to work with your teacher to try to get each grade to passing by June 11. If you can work individually with your teacher to complete the work necessary to raise your grade to passing, then you will not need to attend summer school for that course. If you have an F in a course as of June 11, you will have to come to summer school to repeat the course.

Q: What about seniors and graduation?

A: The above is true for passing classes, but the deadline for you is Thursday June 3. If you do not have passing grades in all your classes by then, you will not be able to participate in the graduation on June 5 and you will have to come to summer school to make up the failed classes. Then you can get your diploma once all your classes are passed.

Q: How does attendance work from now through June 4?

A: You still must check in with your teacher each class period for attendance and to make sure you have the support you need to pass that class.

Q: What if I still have other questions?

A: Call or text Dr. Ryan at 323-217-4481 or email him at [email protected]

SUMMER CAMP – I sent the following information out two weeks ago about summer camp. Please know that there are still a FEW spaces left, but only in BNCOC, ANCOC, OCS, MEDIC, and RECONDO. You will have to be sure you are fully vaccinated to go to camp, so if you want to go, please go get vaccinated TODAY. If you have any questions about Summer Camp, you can call or text or email me at (323) 217-4481 or [email protected]


  1. Camp will take place Tuesday June 15 through Thursday June 24.. Report time to NVMI is at 0600 (6AM) on June 15 and return by 1600 (4PM) on June 24.
  2. We will be staying and doing various training at Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, CA. Carlsbad is in the North County region of San Diego County. Cadets will be sleeping in two-person rooms with another cadet of their same gender. Army and Navy Academy is a “sister” private military academy for boys that costs parents $42,800 a year in tuition.
  3. Meals will be at Army and Navy Academy for the most part.  Some meals may occur at Camp Pendleton and/or Miramar Naval Air Station.
  4. Training will be conducted at various locations – the Army and Navy Academy campus, Camp Pendleton, Miramar Naval Air Station, the Carlsbad Fire Department, the San Pasquel Fire Academy, the Carlsbad Police Department, the Carlsbad Lifeguard station, etc.
  5. We will be offering the following TWELVE courses:
  • Basic Non-Commissioned Officer School (BNCOC) for middle school cadets who have never been to summer camp and who are ranks below cadet corporal
  • Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer School (ANCOC) for middle school or high school cadets at the rank of cadet corporal or sergeant
  • Officer Candidate School (OCS) for cadets ranked staff sergeant of higher who want to be commissioned as cadet officers
  • MEDIC for cadets ages 15 and up interested in being certified as Emergency Medical Responders (very much like an EMT, but because you must be 18 to be an EMT, this is the highest level of medical certification allowable for people under age 18)
  • Specially Honed Aquatic Rescue Cadets (SHARC) for cadets aged 15 and up who already know how to swim and are in excellent physical condition to learn to be a certified lifeguard
  • Military Police and Marksmanship (MP/MKSMN) for cadets entering grades 8-12 interested in receiving basic training in police operations and safely and accurately firing air rifles, smallbore (.22 cal.) rifles, and 9mm handguns
  • CYBER for cadets entering grades 8-12 interested in learning computer coding, architecture, networking, and applications
  • Firefighting Incident Rescue Explorer (FIRE) for cadets entering grades 8-12 interested in receiving basic training in fire and emergency operations
  • General Education in Automotive Repair (GEAR) for cadets entering grades 8-12 interested in learning basic automotive repair and maintenance 
  • RECONDO for cadets entering grades 9-12 who are exceptionally physically fit and who want to learn small unit leadership, tactics, advanced land navigation, and advanced problem solving
  • Dining Facility Apprenticeship for Culinary Cadets (DFACC) for cadets entering grades 8-12 interested in becoming chefs
  • ENGINEER for cadets interesting in learning the basics of design and engineering and skills through hands-on activities in aerospace, mechanical, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering 
  1. VACCINATIONS for COVID will be required.  
  2. CAMP IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. We will ask all who are interested to make a $10 payment to reserve your space, and then we will give each cadet $10 in cash when they arrive at camp which they can use to purchase snacks, etc. If for any reason, a cadet cannot afford the $10 deposit, simply let us know on the registration form and we will sponsor you for free. The $10 will be paid when you come for the first vaccination.
  3. We will provide you a packing list of what to bring to camp when you come into sign the camp permission forms in the main office Mondays through Thursdays from 8AM-4PM.  At that time, you would also be measured for uniforms. NVMI will provide a free duffel bag to pack your items for camp along with free uniforms for you which you will pick up when you come to campus to get the duffel bag.  Pickup of items is Saturday June 12 according to the schedule you will get when you come sign forms and get measured for uniforms.
  4. Here is the link to the form to register for camp:


SUMMER MISSION COLLEGE CLASSES – We will once again offer FREE college classes to any interested student aged 13 and up. Here are the classes we will offer:

  1. Biology 3 with lab – Introduction to Biology (4 semester college units) will be offered June 28 – August 20 – 8 weeks from 8AM-noon every Monday through Thursday
  2. Math 110 with support 5 semester college units) – An introduction to algebra will be offered for students currently in grade 8 going into grade 9 who wish to be part of the LAMC program next year. This class is a prerequisite to take the LAMC program in the fall. The class goes over all of the skills you will need to be successful in Elementary Algebra, which will be one of the required courses for freshmen to take next year who are part of the LAMC Early College Program. This means if you are currently in grade 8 moving into grade 9 and you want to participate in the LAMC Early College Program, you MUST enroll in and pass this course with a grade of C or better. The class will be offered from 0750 (7:50AM) to 1200 (12:50PM) Monday through Thursday for 8 weeks from June 28-August 20.
  3. English 101 (College Composition – 3 semester college units) (with English 72 – 1 college unit) will be offered for SIX WEEKS beginning July 12 through August 20. This class is being taught by one of the LAMC professors our students have particularly enjoyed and appreciated.
  4. Administration of Justice 160 (Police Organization and Administration – 3 semester college units) will be offered for FIVE WEEKS from July 19 through August 20 from 8AM-10AM every Monday through Thursday.
  5. Child Development 1 (Child Growth and Development – 3 semester college units) will be offered for FIVE WEEKS form July 19 through August 20 from 10AM-12 NOON every Monday through Thursday.
  6. Counseling 40 (Introduction to College Success – 3 semester college credits) will be offered from 12:30PM – 2:30PM every Monday and Wednesday for five weeks from July 19 – August 20. This course is also a requirement for all incoming freshmen to the LAMC Early College Program (that means you will take BOTH the Math 110 AND the Counseling 40 classes) this summer.

If you are interested in this program, or you have a child who is interested (or you want your child to participate in) this program, please reach out to your company counselor or Ms. Burchards at [email protected] for assistance with registering.  NVMI provides the class and all textbooks and materials free of charge.


  1. Any student who fails any of these subjects this semester or who failed them last semester and did not make the F up or who failed them in a previous school year must attend summer school from 8AM-12NOON Monday through Friday July 5 through July 23 – History, Science, Spanish, LOC, PE, Art, Band, or any elective course.  Please PASS all of your classes and do everything possible to make up any failed classes from fall or a previous year – otherwise you will have to come to summer school for those 3 weeks to make up those failed classes.
  2. Any student who fails English or math this semester or who failed one or both last semester and did not make the F up or who failed one or both in a previous school year must attend summer school from 8AM-12NOON Monday through Friday July 26 through August 13.  Please PASS all your classes and do everything possible to make up any failed classes from fall or a previous year – otherwise you will have to come to summer school for those 3 weeks to make up those failed classes.
  3. ENGLISH AND MATH SUMMER BRIDGE – Any student who performance on the end of semester exams in math and/or English we will be taking in these final days of school indicates they are below grade level must also attend summer school (we are calling I SUMMER BRIDGE) from 8AM-12NOON Monday through Friday July 26 through August 13.  Even if you pass one or both of those classes – if your performance on those tests shows you are below grade level, you will be required to attend the 3 weeks summer school form July 26 – August 13. Please do your very best on those tests – otherwise you will have to come to ENGLISH AND MATH SUMMER BRIDGE for those 3 weeks to improve upon that math and/or English skills.
  4. NVMI will provide FREE BUS TRANSPORTATION for all of summer school, including for those taking LAMC college courses and those coming to credit recovery or Summer Bridge. If you get assigned to summer school, we will share information with you about bus stops and pick up/drop off times, etc. as we get closer to that time.
  5. NVMI will also provide free breakfast and lunch during all of summer school.

STAR TESTS/SCANTRON TESTS– All students in all seven grade levels will take either the middle school English and math STAR tests or the high school SCANTRON English and math tests during these last days of school. These will be taken during your regular English or math class periods, and teachers will provide information about those tests to you when the time comes to take them. Again – we want everyone to do well on these tests, because if the tests show you are performing below grade level, you will need to come to Summer Bridge July 26- August 13 to work on those skills so you can get up to grade level in both of those subjects. 

4TH OF JULY PARADE – NVMI will participate in the Pacific Palisades 4th of July parade on July 4 at 1:50PM/ We plan to take our BAND, a color guard, an armed saber drill team, an armed rifle drill team, an unarmed exhibition drill team, and a marching unit.  We hope to have about 150 cadets participate. Each cadet must participate in at least one parade each semester and gets extra credit for participating in more than one per semester. This parade will fulfill your fall semester required parade or can also count as extra credit. It can also be a way to help improve your LOC grade if you are failing LOC in the spring semester.  Check with your TAC teams for more information. A permission slip will be made available to cadets before the end of May and information will be posted on our website at so please stay tuned to that site and your email as we send out additional information. 

COURSEE SELECTION FOR 2021-2022: Company counselors are reaching out to cadets and parents to select classes for next school year.  It is important you get your choices in so you can be scheduled for classes now.  If you have any questions about this process, please email your company counselor (Alpha = [email protected], Bravo = [email protected], Charlie = [email protected], or HQ/Band = [email protected].) Everyone should have completed this process, ideally by the end of this month, so please reach out to your counselor if you have not yet completed this. Counselors are working very hard to meet with each student and family, but they may have been unable to reach you – so feel free to reach out directly to them to participate in this important process. 

GRADUATION: Senior graduation will occur Saturday June 5. Each senior has signed up for a 15-minute time slot. Here are some reminders about this process:

  1. Please DO NOT plan to arrive to much before your scheduled time slot. We are not allowed to have crowds gather to comply with county health guidelines.
  2. You may park on the street or on the blacktop. Safety team members will be on hand to direct parking.
  3. Each graduate is asked to limit their viewing party to 25 or less people. 
  4. Once you arrive, you will proceed through the staff parking lot to the covered areas outside rooms 40, 47, 30 and 39, where there will be coned off areas for each spectator group to gather. You will gather all your 25 or fewer spectators in that space and wait until you are directed to move into the graduation area.
  5. Please always maintain social distancing.
  6. When it is your time for the graduation ceremony, all spectators will move to cones positioned on the grass in the quad. Each of the 87 individual graduation ceremonies will take place on the quad stage. The graduates’ name will be announced, they will ring out of their military company, receive their class ring, receive their diploma, and then sign the Book of Traditions.
  7. After each short ceremony is concluded, the group will be asked to proceed to the literacy garden for photo opportunities, after which they will be asked to move back to the parking area for departure.
  8. For us to conduct 87 ceremonies individually, we will need everyone’s cooperation.  We realize the pandemic has created very unfortunate circumstances, but we are trying to honor each graduate as best we can.
  9. There will be a rehearsal for all graduates on Friday June 4. Seniors need to pay attention to their counselors in LOC class for details about the rehearsal.
  10. If any of you have questions about this, please reach out to your company counselor Alpha = [email protected], Bravo = [email protected], Charlie = [email protected], or HQ/Band = [email protected].) 

TUTOR.COM – Please remember that we have a wonderful FREE resource (NVMI pays for it) for any interested students. You can get free tutoring 24 hours as day seven days a week in ANY subject simply by clicking on the icon in your google mail “waffle.”  If you need help with accessing this, please contact any teacher or staff member, all of whom should be able to help you. 

ADVANCED PLACEMENT TESTING – 5 of our high school students endured almost 4 hours of testing on campus, Monday May 10, 2021, with their teacher, Mrs. Pacheco, and Major Najar for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Test. The students who challenged the exams are:

  1. Brisa Lagunas
  2. Aliza Novoa
  3. Elisha Novoa
  4. Arely Ruiz
  5. Sean Munguia


Additionally, 9 of our AP Drawing students submitted art portfolios online, deadline was 2100 May 20, 2021 for consideration and approval and they are:

  1. Audrey Sandoval
  2. Daisy Murillo
  3. Arnulfo Hernandez
  4. Josue Martinez
  5. Aliza Novoa
  6. Flor Reyes
  7. Edelberto Rodriguez
  8. Juan Vargas
  9. April Castaneda

Our teacher Mr. Cole was constantly involved in the portfolio process and guided the students to achieve this goal up until the last minutes of the submission deadline!



Dr. Ryan