Summer Camp News


Christian Meza , Staff Writer

Will Summer Camp Happen?

Yes it will!.  Summer Camp begins Tuesday,  June 15 through Thursday,  June 24. You will depart NVMI at 7:00 am on June 15 and return by 4pm on June 24. We will be staying and doing various training at Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, CA. Carlsbad is in the North County region of San Diego County. Cadets will be sleeping in two-person rooms with another cadet of their same gender. Army and Navy Academy is a “sister” private military academy for boys that costs parents $42,800 a year in tuition. Meals will be at Army and Navy Academy for the most part.  Some meals may occur at Camp Pendleton and/or Miramar Naval Air Station. Training will be conducted at various locations – the Army and Navy Academy campus, Camp Pendleton, Miramar Naval Air Station, the Carlsbad Fire Department, the Carlsbad Police Department, the Carlsbad Lifeguard station\, etc.

What are the courses they’re offering?

They will be offering the following TWELVE courses:

Basic Non-Commissioned Officer School (BNCOC) for middle school cadets who have never been to summer camp and who are ranks below cadet corporal

Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer School (ANCOC)  for middle school or high school cadets at the rank of cadet corporal or sergeant

Officer Candidate School (OCS) for cadets staff sergeant of higher who want to be commissioned as cadet officers

MEDIC for cadets ages 15 and up interested in being certified as Emergency Medical Responders (very much like an EMT, but because you must be 18 to be an EMT, this is the highest level of medical certification allowable for people under age 18)

Specially Honed Aquatic Rescue Cadets (SHARC) for cadets aged 15 and up who already know how to swim and are in excellent physical condition to learn to be a certified lifeguard

Military Police and Marksmanship (MP/MKSMN) for  cadets entering grades 8-12 interested in receiving basic training in police operations and safely and accurately firing air rifles, smallboare (.22 cal) rifles, and 9mm handguns

CYBER for cadets entering grades 8-12 interested in learning computer coding, architecture, networking, and applications

Firefighting Incident Rescue Explorer (FIRE) for cadets entering grades 8-12 interested in receiving basic training in fire and emergency operations

General Education in Automotive Repair (GEAR) for cadets entering grades 8-12 interested in learning basic automotive repair and maintenance 

RECONDO for cadets entering grades 9-12 who are exceptionally physically fit and who want to learn small unit leadership, tactics, advanced land navigation, and advanced problem solving

Dining Facility Apprenticeship for Culinary Cadets (DFACC) for cadets entering grades 8-12 interested in becoming chefs

ENGINEER for cadets interesting in learning the basics of  design and engineering and skills through hands-on activities in aerospace, mechanical, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering


Vaccinations for COVID will be required. And NVMI will host a mobile vaccination clinic. There still isn’t a date for it but they will inform us as soon as possible. When it does happen parents are asked to come with their children and sign all camp permission documents. They are also welcomed to get the vaccine too. CAMP IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. They will ask all who are interested to make a $10 payment to reserve your space, and then we will give each cadet $10 in cash when they arrive at camp which they can use to purchase snacks, etc. If for any reason, a cadet cannot afford the $10 deposit, simply let them know on the registration form and we will sponsor you for free. The $10 will be paid when you come for the first vaccination. They will provide you a packing list of what to bring to camp after you have been approved for a camp unit. Expect the packing list by email sometime by the end of this month.  NVMI will provide a free duffel bag to pack your items for camp. NVMI will also provide free uniforms for you which you will pick up when you come to campus to get the duffel bag.