J Cole and Kendrick Lamar might drop albums soon!!!


Damien Garcia

This past week, both J Cole, and Kendrick Lamar have teased a drop of new music…. kind of. Both Kendrick Lamar and J Cole are considered the best in the rap game for our generation, but havent dropped music in a long time. J Cole was featured in the Dreamville album, Revenge of the Dreamers III, but that album came out in 2019. His last solo album, KOD, was released back in 2018. J Cole then dropped the single, Lewis Street, featuring two songs, in July 2020. But the last project Kendrick Lamar worked on was the Black Panther album, with various artists including SZA, the Weeknd, Future, SOB X RBE, Jay Rock, and many more. 

On April 28, Dreamville artist, Bas, took to instagram a picture of J Cole in the studio, saying The Off-Season, (Name of J Coles album) something many fans have been waiting for, will drop in two weeks. Then on April 30, J Cole posted how excited he was to be finished with The Off-Season. Then, on Tuesday morning, J Cole announced that the album will drop on May 14, everywhere.

On April 28, the record label, Top Dawg Entertainment or TDE, teased an album release for the date, May 7, 2021. After this was posted on social media, many fans began to assume that Kendrick Lamar will finally release a solo album, since his last solo album, DAMN, was released in 2017, almost four years ago. Kendrick was trending on twitter once this dropped, but many fans aren’t quite sure, since there are many artists in TDE who haven’t dropped music in a long time, such as SZA, Isaiah Rashad, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock


Kendrick Lamar’s engineer, Derek Ali, says Kendrick Lamar has at least six albums worth of unreleased music. Derek is a very reliable source, because he has worked with him, since his album, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City., which was released in 2012, and has spoken very highly of him in an interview. 


Both rappers haven’t dropped music in a long time, and for both of their music to be teased in the same week, means not only a huge pay off to the fans that have waited, but also a great year for rap.

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