Supe’s Corner 5/3/21


I wanted to take a moment to give everyone an update on Camp Pendleton summer camp. I am continuing to work with the Marine Corps in trying to make sure everyone who attends is safe, and the Marines and Sailors and civilians with whom we work while there are likewise safe.  There are several “moving parts” to all of this, including the possibility of requiring vaccinations for both adults and cadets who attend. I am working with the USMC to figure all of this out, and that is why I have not yet released the camp applications.  It is possible we will postpone camp to later in the summer to increase the possibility that we achieve “herd immunity.” I know everyone is anxious, and I ask for continued patience. I am hopeful I will have definitive plan by the end of next week and I should be able to announce the plan the weekend of May 8-9. Regardless, I want everyone to know that camp will be FREE for everyone who attends. We will allow people to use their merits to pay.

I would also remind everyone that we now have only 20 days of school left! That means time is QUICKLY running out for everyone to make sure they pass all their classes. We are stopping in-person classes on Friday May 28. You will then have until June 11 to complete any work necessary to pass your classes before grades are finalized. That is UNLESS YOU ARE A SENIOR.  If you are a senior, you must complete all work by Thursday, June 3 at 5PM so we can know whether you will be eligible to participate in the graduation activities on Saturday June 5.  The graduation is primarily a virtual event, with each family being allowed to come to a semi-private ceremony that Saturday. To attend, you must be invited by a senior as one of their allowable 25 guests. Each ceremony will be about 15 minutes long.

If ANY OF you need help in any of your classes, every cadet parent and alumnus of NVMI now have access to a wonderful tool called TUTOR.COM.  If you go to the “waffle” on the top right of your NVMI email, you will be able to scroll down toward the bottom and find the TUTOR.COM icon that looks like this:   After you click on that icon, you may need to choose your NVMI email from a list of accounts, and then a screen that looks like this will pop up:

Choose which grade, subject, and topic you need help with, and whether you wish to participate in a CHAT ONLY or a CHAT PLUS VOICE tutoring session. Each tutoring session is recorded for the protections of the student, but student’s face and image are never shared as part of the tutoring session.  

You will be automatically assigned to a tutor INSTANTLY. This is available TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK ALL YEAR LONG. You can get tutoring conducted entirely in SPANISH if you are an English Language Learner and need a Spanish speaking tutor. Tutors are available for every class at NVMI and every course at LA Mission College. Even parents and alumni can use this tool for free as long as you use your NVMI email.  




Dr. Ryan