Profile of An Early College Program Cadet: Elisha Novoa


Elisha Novoa is currently a junior at NVMICPA.  Because of her strong work ethic and her dedication, she exemplifies all that is good in a cadet.  In looking at her grades since she began attending here, I am amazed that she has gotten straight A grades every single semester, including in her college classes!  That is an amazing achievement.

This semester, despite the pandemic, she has been praised several times by her college history instructor.  He has held her up as one of the students in the class to go to for work examples and tutoring. 

Elisha is part of the school’s leadership, and has the rank of Captain.  I know she is often put in charge of running programs or events, because I hear teachers say that you can count on her to get the job done.

Her helpful spirit shows through in every encounter I have had with her, and I truly appreciate having her as part of the Early College Program!

Elisha, you are amazing!