Need Help? Use

NVMI has done everything in its power to help students pass all their classes and prepare them for the world after high school. Dr. Ryan has paid for a program for students to use that can allow you to connect with a live tutor, known as Tutors are available twenty-four hours, seven days a week. They  offer help on any academic subject,  in either English or Spanish and you have the option to just chat with the tutor or chat and voice call.

So you may ask, how do we use Well, the first thing you will need to do is sign into your novamil account. After that,  you will go onto your school email.  On your school email there will be a waffle icon that will be right next to the support and settings icon, you will click and then scroll till you find the app that states, “” Once you click you that,  you will be forwarded to the website. Once you are on the website, there will be information you will have to fill out, based on what academic subject you need help in. You will enter your topic, subject, grade, how you would like to work with your tutor, either by chat or both, voice and chat. Lastly, you will enter your question. You can either type your question or enter a file that contains your question. Once you have everything filled out, you will click the button that states “connect now,” and you will then be connected with your tutor. 

If you are struggling, remember that NVMI has a way to help you out even through virtual learning. If you have more questions, please talk with your counselor on a way to improve.