Sports Motivation Advice From Arnulfo


Arnulfo Hernandez

For anyone  playing sports, don’t ever give up, or feel sad, even if you are having bad times. Come to relieve stress and talk to your friends. The point is to have fun, even if you lose. 


   Sports isn’t all about “damm I lost the game, I’ve failed my teammates”… it’s about enjoying the moment when you are playing. No one said that playing sports doesn’t have to be fun. You lost a game? It’s all good.  That’s why we practice every week; so we can be better and learn from what we did wrong.

    Just like this picture says, cut off the letter “t” and say we can do it. There are times when I didn’t do a play right or I couldn’t do something when my coach asked me to do it and I got mad at myself. After Coach calls me and tells me “ to take it easy and slow, not everyone learns at first shot, but you try again and again.” These words are from one of our amazing coaches Coach H. Every coach has something inspiring to say that will motivate you to keep going, and from my part,  keep going till you reach your goal.