Anti-Florida Protest Law: An Opinion


Michael Caudillo, Staff Writer

While the Dereck Chauvin trial was underway, Florida lawmakers made a new law that cracks down on the people’s right to protest. They say this is to deter rioting and looting and any assaults on Police Officers but there have been no such riots happening in Florida.

However, what it really looks like is that the lawmakers are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist in their state. It seems like an excuse to crack down on people and members of the colored community who try to protest and let their voices be heard.

It raises a lot of concern among people of the colored community since it might give the police a lot of leeway to declare what is a demonstration and what is a riot. This unnecessary law just seems to encroach on the peoples first amendment rights and seems like a way for the people in charge to feel safe from a non-threat.