Soccer’s First Game Back Ends in a Tie


Yanci Torres Jimenez

The girl’s soccer team had a game this week that was at NVMI against Vaughn. The first-ever soccer game at NVMI for the year 2021 was very successful. Although the score was 0-0,  the soccer team played very well and made sure the other team did not score.

Throughout the school year, athletes and coaches were not sure if we would even be able to go back on that field.  Athletics had been doing conditioning in parks to be able to be ready to play games.

The first game in a long time and with not that much stamina and practice resulted in a pretty good game. Every single girl on the team put a lot of effort into the game. Most girls on the soccer team this year are new and to be able to play like a team for the very first time.  

The girl’s soccer team can thank Coach Meza for preparing us for these next coming up games and for training us on such short notice.


There are games next week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. If you are interested in joining the girl’s soccer team, we are always looking forward to having new committed girls on the team. We practice soccer Monday – Thursday after school from 7th period – 5pm and Fridays from 1pm- 3pm. Email Coach S. about being interested in joining the soccer team.