Summer Programming Preview: NVMI 2021

Summer Programming Preview: NVMI 2021

Stephanie Najar

This summer, we will have lots of summer school options for our students at NVMI. Any student who needs to make up credits or remediate any failed grades will automatically be enrolled in the credit recovery program. Credit Recovery will run for 5 weeks and starts July 5, 2021. The plan is to have students come on campus and work on the parts of the courses they need to complete and earn a passing grade of “C.” Any student who has failing grades will be required to enroll in our credit recovery summer program. The enrollment for our credit recovery summer program will be automatic. We will assign students to classes that they need to pass in order to continue to the next grade level. To avoid coming on campus for summer school, pass your classes in the spring semester. 

Get Ahead classes may be offered ( dependent on the number of students enrolled) in high school subjects like Geometry and Pre-Calculus. Students may receive full course credit during the summer for Get Ahead courses. This program requires that students attend 0800-1500 daily for 5 weeks starting July 5, 2021

A new program to NVMI this summer will be our Bridge Program. The Bridge Program will be 4 hours per day. The Bridge Program will begin July 26, 2021 and will target students who are struggling with proficiency in math and English. The program will use Renaissance Star and Freckle and other student friendly programs to engage students and help them improve their English and math skills. Credit for the Bridge Program will be given to middle school students who attend and will help them advance to the next grade level. 

Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) will offer summer classes to our students who are enrolled in the dual enrollment program. This LAMCsummer program will start Monday, June 28, 2021. If you are interested in earning both high school and college credit at the same time, ask your counselor if you can enroll in the dual enrollment program. 

Entrance Camp is for new cadets starting school Fall of 2021. Our Entrance Camp program will run for 3 weeks and starts July 26, 2021. Students enrolled in Entrance Camp will have academic classes in English and math in the morning and Military onboarding classes in the afternoon. This is a full day program for new students planning to attend NVMI in the Fall semester.

All of our summer programs are designed to help students continue learning and give extra learning opportunities for students who need and/or desire them. We will have programs after school offered by our EXtended Learning Academy (XLA) for students who need additional tutoring or want to do something fun after their summer school classes. More information about all of our summer programs will be included in the Hawks Cast News sent to all students and parents via email and on the school website:!