How to Wake Up


Arnulfo Hernandez , Staff Writer

Waking up can be difficult, even for deep sleepers. Zoom classes are still going on and waking up can be a real racket because you just feel so comfortable being in your own house instead of a school desk and possibly say,”5 more minutes…” but never getting up. Here I am to give some routines you might know and already doing, or heard but never tried at all. 


Routine 1: Wash your face


Washing your face does help when you can’t open your eyes, or just to get the sleep off yourself. I wash my face just so I don’t sleep again, and I get a mild shock and get myself up and going for zoom class. You can wash yourself with warm water of course, just don’t  use very hot water unless you want your face melting and feeling drowsy again.


         Routine 2: Do a little exercise 


Probably you heard of this yourself from your coaches, your teachers, or just thought of this yourself. Doing a little exercise before zoom classes is always a good start for your morning to be wide awake and ready. I start my morning with a little exercise so I can be awake and ready for class so I can concentrate on my work, it will work unless you stay up all night though.


       Routine 3: Make a habit


There are many ways to wake up for the day, some routines that can be turned into a habit so you won’t have to do a reminder each time you wake up. If you have a routine already or want to create one yourself, it’s a good idea to do so. Not everything has to be the same way someone is already doing, if you have a way on how to wake up for classes. Everyone can be creative and figure something out that is the best for them, instead of trusting your alarm, why not try something new.