Supe’s Corner 3.15.21


This message was updated Saturday 13 March with the latest information. As you probably heard in the news, Governor Newsom signed into law Senate Bill 86 which called for schools to reopen as quickly as possible, preferably prior to April 1. I am still waiting for LAUSD to tell me whether they approve of the reopening plan. Approximately 200 students’ families have now signed the contract and consent to send cadets back to in-person learning on the NVMI campus. Because only about 40 requested bus transportation, we will NOT be able to provide bus transportation at this time. 


Perhaps the most important thing to note about this plan is that we are NOT providing on campus in-person instruction the same way we would during a normal school day. Because health officials say students and adults may not “intermingle,” we will not be permitting students or staff to do the usual “switch classes every 50 minutes. Instead, basically, everyone on campus will be doing the same thing they were doing at home – participating in computer-based learning and teaching. The major difference is it will be done on campus under staff supervision, and every student will then have access to a teacher or teacher’s assistant in their classroom who can provide tutoring and assistance. Here are details of the plan as it currently exists BUT NONE OF THIS IS CERTAIN until I hear back from LAUSD:

  1. The NVMI campus open from 7:30AM until 6:30PM.
  2. After school programming from 3:30-6:30PM in the covered eating area.
  3. No bus transportation. NVMI provides free Metro passes.
  4. Drop off on the north side of Allegheny Street in the morning directly outside the service road gate.
  5. Cadets wear their complete PT uniform. Free uniforms are issued to those who need them.
  6. Students will be issued color coded baseball caps to help everyone easily identify their cohorts and assist adults in enforcing the policy that students may only be with the other members of their cohort.
  7. Uniform wear and appearance standards (including slightly relaxed hair regulations) are enforced. Cadets get inspected upon entry.
  8. The Share 9-1-1 App used by all staff and cadets to prescreen for COVID questions. Upon entry, people who have not completed the precheck must do so on the app OR have verbal screening.
  9. All get temperature screening upon entry.
  10. Everyone will have to bring their chromebook to access the internet. 
  11. NVMI will provide free headphones to everyone on campus to help cancel the noise from others.
  12. COVID testing (via nasal swab or saliva) every Monday and Thursday for everyone on campus.
  13. Breakfast and lunch and supper provided free to all.
  14. Breakfasts pre-positioned at student desks upon arrival.
  15. Lunches (sack) picked up by students en route to outdoor eating.
  16. Cohorts may play on field together within the same cohort without making physical contact.
  17. Pick up at 1530 for those not staying after school is along Allegheny in predesignated, socially distanced locations.
  18. All wear masks on campus always.
  19. Social distancing always enforced.
  20. Only six students and two adults in every classroom as a “cohort.”
  21. Cohorts always stay together during the day.
  22. Grade level cohorts and students from same household in the same cohort regardless of grade level.
  23. Students still do computer learning but have two adults in person to help as needed.
  24. online tutoring available 24/7.
  25. Families who responded to the survey get priority to send children back. Families who did not respond will be allowed to send children back as space is available.
  26. If number requesting to return exceeds physical capacity and/or supervision capacity, hybrid model would be employed in which one group comes every Monday and Wednesday while the other group comes every Tuesday and Thursday. Special education students, English learners and other students requiring individual support also come every Friday.
  27. Restrooms cleaned after every use.
  28. Only 3 students of same gender allowed in restroom at a time.
  29. All desks have see-through barriers.
  30. Personal protective equipment provided free.
  31. Disinfecting of classrooms every two hours.
  32. Athletics practices and games occur after school for interested and eligible high schoolers.
  33. To participate in high school athletics, you must be eligible with NO FAILING GRADES in any high school semester that have not been successfully made up.