Students Can Make Up Credits and Avoid Summer School


Stephanie Najar

The choice is yours to make.  We believe that this summer we will be in person and on campus.  We are looking forward to seeing a few more months.  Students who want to start playing sports and attend our Summer Camp must pass their Spring classes, and not have credits that need to be made up.    If you are a student who needs to make up a class or classes, the time is now.  How do you make up classes?


Middle school Students credit recovery – All middle school students who need to recover credit received letters that explained how  to attend after school tutoring and work on Freckle from 3:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. each day until they have completed what they need to complete.  Students who finish their credits no longer are required to attend after school tutoring.


High School Students Credit Recovery – 9th and 10th graders will soon receive letters via email with the classes that are required to be made up.  Google Classroom codes will also be included in the letters.  All high school students can start now and turn in the work required through the Google Classroom (we are using the same Google Classrooms from Winter Intersession)    Anyone can get started and complete any left over classes from winter intersession.  We have a few coaches who will be assigned to 11th graders to coach them through the Spring.  Due to the to the limited number of coaches, we are asking our 11th graders to get started on their own, and turn in any credit recovery work thru the Google Classrooms we used in our  Winter Intersession.    12th grade students have been assigned individual coaches from our administrative team.  Coaches will contact students and set up a weekly Zoom check in for all students who receive coaching.  Students will work on courses that are prioritized from their counselors to ensure that we are doing what needs to be done for each individual student.  Anyone who has a question about credit recovery is asked to contact Major Najar at [email protected] or cell phone 818-439-9879


Don’t wait until time runs out! Once you complete the courses you need you are free to pursue sports and any activities that interest you without the burden of credit deficiency.  We care about you and we are here to help you see it through!