School Sports are Back!


April Castenada

As we all know covid-19 has put everyone in lock down but it’s a pleasure to say that sports will be back soon. With this new year and having the covid-19 vaccines out we are now able to play  some social distance sports.

The first will be track and field, cross country, and golf. However  you are only allowed to be on one sports team per season to ensure the safety of others.

In the next coming weeks we will have practice/conditioning at the park.  Games will start soon after that.  After the first season ends,  there is a possibility of more contract sports.  

You are only allowed to be on ONE sports team per season.

If you are on a team, you no longer need to attend PT classes.

You will need to sign in to your google classroom for sports. There’s two separate Google classrooms, one for boys sports and one for girls.

It is important to attend coach S meetings to sign up for the  google classroom and the sports you want. He will need to take count of how many students will be joining. He will also need to know what parks are near you so everyone has a fair chance to attend.  If you have questions, contract Coach S.