Want to be Like Them, Join STEM – Free Summer Camp


Yanci Torres-Jimenez

Introducing the 58th Annual National Youth Science Camp. This virtual science camp is being offered to two students who are interested in learning more about STEM. If you are eligible you will have the opportunity to get lectures from scientists from across the nation. This science camp is being offered to selected participants for no cost so that talented students may attend regardless of how much money their parents make. In order to be able to participate in this science camp, you will have to submit an application by 6 p.m EST on February 28, 2021. It will be taking place virtually from June 28th to Wednesday July 21, 2021. In order to be eligible for consideration, an applicant must: 

  • Be a candidate for high school graduation between July 1, 2020, and June 30,


  • Demonstrate superior academic proficiency, including recognition in science,

technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

  • Demonstrate an application of leadership abilities and social maturity through

involvement in school and community activities.

  • Demonstrate skills and achievements outside the realm of STEM and outside


  • Demonstrate a curiosity and an eagerness to explore many and varied topics.
  • Intend to pursue higher education and a career in a STEM-related field.
  • Be willing and able to participate in the entire NYSC program.