Supe’s Corner 2.22.21


Last week, in response to widespread news reports of school campuses opening up immediately, I sent out a survey to find out how many families wanted their children to return to campus right away if LAUSD allows such a return. A total of only 24 students’ parents responded in the affirmative that they want such an allowance. Since this is such a small number, I continue to operate under the assumption we will not have regular classes on campus for the remainder of the school year. If and when LAUSD allows a return, we will open up the opportunity for those families and students with disabilities and English learners, along with twelfth grade seniors who need to make up credit deficiencies in order to graduate. In the meantime, please continue to follow the three Ws – WASH your hands, WEAR your mask and WATCH out for six feet of social distancing.
Being physically active is a great way to get out of mental and physical funks that result from being cooped up in homes for extended periods of time due to the pandemic. The NVMI athletic department is now conducting conditioning programs for all high school athletes. If you are interested in participating, you should be enrolled in the 7th period athletics conditioning class with Coach S and Coach H. To participate, please reach out to Coach S at [email protected]. I encourage everyone to consider participating if you are a current high schooler.
I sent out a lengthy email about our Board of Trustees meeting this coming Tuesday. I encourage everyone to read it, as it contains important information about the work our board is doing. I also invited parents interested in serving on the board to contact me to discuss participation as a board member for a three year term. As always, I encourage students and their families to participate by watching the board meeting via zoom Tuesday at 4PM, and if you ever have any comments for the board to hear about anything going on at NVMI, you can follow the instructions on the published agenda to get your comments to the board entered into the public record.
Planning for Camp Pendleton Summer Camp continues. Students should be saving up their merits to help pay the costs of attendance.
As we enter the third week of the spring semester, I encourage everyone to keep trying your best. We know the pandemic sucks and staying home and doing zoom all day is a pain, but there is an end in sight, and we just need to all keep hanging in there and following the advice of the public health officials so we can stop the community spread of COVID and get back to something that looks like normal.
As always, if any of you ever have any questions or concerns or need any help with anything, please feel free to reach out to me via cell phone call or text at 323-217-4481 or via email at [email protected].