NVMI Moves On in National Competition

NVMI Moves On in National Competition

The JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl is an all-service national competition that culminates in the Level III JLAB Championship in Washington, DC!  This event is required annually for all JROTC programs.  The competition is divided into 2 parts; leadership and academics.


This year, NVMI had 1 Leadership team and 1 Academic Team.  They met online over Zoom to compete by answering a series of questions on various leadership and academic topics.  Each topic had between 5 to 15 questions with a finite amount of time to work as a team to determine the correct answer and enter that answer.  The time allotted for each question was between 30 and 60 seconds.  The teams accumulated points by correctly answering the posed questions.  During these Zoom meetings, our Cadets did not face another school but competed against the clock.


Both of the teams that NVMI sent to the level I competition advanced to the next round.  In the Academic competition, 1,717 teams completed and 803 did not make it to round II.  In the Leadership competition, 1,511 teams completed and 712 did not make it.  


Our teams advance to Round 2 which will be held February 15 – March 5 and will determine the teams that will participate in the Championship in June 2021.  



C/SSG Emily Rodriguez C/SSG Valery Hernandez Flores

C/2LT Abezier Vasquez C/1LT Elisha Novoa

C/SSG Shem Monzon C/SSG Sophia Mendoza

C/2LT Emily Martinez C/RCT Kaitlin Dipper

C/RCT Kaylen Ayala