Supe’s Corner 2/8/21


Welcome to Spring Semester. This is a fresh start. Everyone begins with straight A’s. Work to keep those grades. We have 16 weeks left in Spring semester and every adult on this campus wants every child to be successful. I hope everyone read my lengthy email from last week regarding our COVID status and plans. I have posted it to the front page of the website for your reference. 

Students who took Mission College classes should be able to check their grades in Canvas – the LA Community College district learning management system. Students who completed credit recovery should already know whether they were successful at completing those courses. If you are not sure, please reach out to the teacher you had during Winter or to the academic coach who worked with you. Because we are converting “Not Met” grades to passing grades in the cases of students who needed credit recovery, you can also check your “historical grades” on PowerSchool sometime after February 15 to verify that credit recovery has been properly recorded. If parents or cadets have any questions about the grades from Winter, please reach out to your company academic counselor.

I also wanted to tell you all about an important set of surveys we will be administering this Wednesday. During each cadet’s LOC class, TAC team members will be playing a special video I created to guide all students through completing a Student Survey about their perceptions regarding NVMI. We use these surveys as part of our ongoing school improvement process, so it is important you are honest and focus on how we can make NVMI a better place. As you watch the video, please listen to my instructions, and honestly answer each question. As part of your homework for Wednesday, all cadets are asked to have their parents complete the Parent Survey.  Like the student one, this is important because it helps us understand what we are doing well and what we need to improve upon.  We take the results of these surveys very seriously, and we publish them as part of our school accreditation process self-study, a document where we analyze the current situation at NVMI, identify critical learner needs, and develop an action plan for the next six years.  Each cadet whose parent completes the Parent Survey and takes a photo of the Chromebook screen showing the parent survey has successfully been submitted will receive 25 merits. Remember that you can use those merits for Summer Camp at Camp Pendleton, and you can use them to get gift cards at the end of the school year. Each merit is the equivalent of cash, so please be sure each parent completes the survey this Wednesday. The merits will only be able to be earned when cadets return to class Thursday, February 11 and show their TAC team the screenshot or photo of the “success” screen from the parent survey.  Any parents who would like to accomplish the survey on campus may come into the main office between the hours of 7:30 AM and 12:30 PM each weekday this week. We will have computers and help available for anyone needing this service. We want to get 100% participation by students and 100% participation by parents. We really do value your opinions and want to hear them. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to me directly or to your child’s TAC team. 

Remember we have a four-day weekend to celebrate President’s Day, so we have regular “A” schedules Monday through Thursday, February 8-11, NO SCHOOL FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12 and NO SCHOOL MONDAY FEBRUARY 15, and we resume “A” schedules for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, February 16-17-18, and have a “C” schedule with 12:00 dismissal EVERY FRIDAY during the Spring semester.

As always, the NVMI staff is here to help any of you, and we encourage everyone to wash their hands, wear face coverings when outside your homes, and watch your distance when near people not in your immediate household.