Supe’s Corner 1/25/21


As of Monday, January25, we have only TEN DAYS left of winter intersession. For those of you taking Mission College courses, that means you have only ten days to complete all of your assignments so you can earn a passing grade. For each class you take and pass while at NVMI, you are saving at least $2000 you would have otherwise had to pay for regular college class as an adult. So remember that the time and energy you invest now is saving you $2000 PER CLASS. For those of you completing credit recovery, this is your final opportunity to make up failing grades before we start spring semester. We definitely are planning on a sports program during spring because many signs point to an easing of county health restrictions. You cannot play if you have even one failing grade, so take advantage of these last ten days to accomplish the work. And if you have already earned a “C,” keep working to raise it to a “B” or “A.” For middle school cadets, only NINE more days to work on Freckle to raise your reading and math scores; on day ten you will retake the STAR Renaissance tests in both English and math to see how much you have improved over the 29 days of winter intersession. This will be a great chance to prove to yourself, your teachers, and your parents/guardians what a smart person you are. For the middle schoolers who failed class in the fall, doing well on those tests is the way to change those failures to passing grades. Please take advantage of these final days and take your learning seriously. The staff at NVMI realize how difficult distance virtual learning is, but we are all stuck in this situation, and we need to do the best we can under difficult circumstances.  My final thought for you all is that this pandemic highlights the importance of people who study math, science, technology, and engineering. Those STEM fields are the people who came up with the vaccines that will save billions of people. Those STEM fields are the people who are treating the sick. Thoe STEM fields are the ones developing the computer systems to track the virus’ spread and efficacy of the vaccine. Now more than ever, our country and our world need people who will study biology, chemical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, physics, medicine, computer programming, cyber security and literally hundreds of other areas of speciality.