Supe’s Corner 1/11/20


We are now 20% done with Winter Intersession. Can you believe it? 20% – we have only four weeks left. It is important for those of you who did not pass one or more fall semester courses to be “on top of your game” and be sure to accomplish all of the work needed to pass each class. Passing all courses is a requirement to play sports-  and we are hoping to begin sports again in about 6-8 weeks. Please pay attention to your teachers and academic coaches to make sure you pass. Remember, too, that you can earn B or A grades – not just C’s – if you achieve those levels of performance. If you have questions about classes you failed, you can reach out to your academic counselor:
Alpha – Mr. Vargas at [email protected]
Bravo – CPT Theodore at [email protected]
Charlie – Ms. Sanchez at [email protected]
Music and HQS – Ms. DeAvila at [email protected]
I also wanted to take this opportunity to remind families that if you are struggling financially during these horrible pandemic times, there are a number of available resources to help you. Here is a link to the California COVID 19 Financial Assistance page: