Intersession: What You Need to Know


We begin intersession on Monday, January 4.  Every cadet should have been emailed a schedule which included google classroom codes. So you absolutely must check your email. You can find your zoom links there. Additionally, Links are also in your email. 


The normal schedule for intersession is 

Period 1: 8:00 – 9:30

Period 2:  9:35 – 11:05

Period 3:  11:10 – 12:40

Please note:  If you failed multiple courses, you may be required to take additional work after period 3. 

For High School: 

Please log into all of your classes.



For Middle School: 

  1. ON MONDAY JANUARY 4, you will be asked to take 2 short tests: 1 for English and 1 for math on a new system called STAR 360.  Your teacher will give you directions about how to log in for that test.  Once you have completed those tests and your teacher gives you permission, you can log off for the day.  
  2. You will log into all three periods.


6th Grade:  

You will be working with your 4th period teacher from 1st semester every day of Winter Intersession.

At 8am on Monday January 4, you will log into their Google classroom.  Under Classwork, you will find their Zoom link.

Here are the codes you need for those:

TEACHER                    GOOGLE CLASSROOM         

Mr. Fuentes             whgmqhe                        

Ms. Gottlieb            wgzlefp                    

Ms. Omowole         3cersbb                            


7th Grade:


Ms. Goldsmith      2o6an47

Mr. Shelton             s22pzfo

Ms. Shirtcliff          sfxw2ku


8th Grade: 

TEACHER                 GOOGLE CLASSROOM         

Ms. Cole                  btwlzwf

Mr. Gold                 lprw5vt

Mr. Gallego            gt2ex4v

Special Education:  Please see your email for specific instructions.

If you are taking a Mission College class for Art (Drawing) or Computers or Kinesiology, please plan to come to the school office this Sunday at 10am to get your book and art materials.  You need these books and materials for classes that start Monday, so you MUST come Sunday or you will not have your materials for class.  All other classes for Mission have free materials and you therefore do not need to come to campus Sunday.
We had hoped to offer in person support to Mission College students one day per week, but the stay home order prevents that for now.
If you have any questions about your classes, please email your counselor or the administrator listed below:
*Middle school general education students – [email protected]
*Special education students- [email protected]
*Mission College students – [email protected]
*Alpha company students- [email protected]
*Bravo company students – [email protected]
*Charlie or music or headquarters students – [email protected] (Ms. DeAvila is on leave for the next week.)
If you have any questions about classes, or anything else about classes for the next five weeks, please email the appropriate adult listed above.