Sports Update


Elisha Novoa

When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world in early March 2020, the impact on the student-athletes was swift and dramatic. Winter and spring seasons were suddenly halted and students had to finish classes online. The day-to-day student and student-athlete experience were instantly changed.

During the first half of the year, many athletes experienced a sense of loss and resentment. But the motivation in the student-athletes in both academics and athletics has gone up since the in-person training started. Grades were improving, relationships with students and coaches have grown, and that spark in students was appearing again. 

“Going to these practices and seeing some of my friends there brings joy to me. During this pandemic, I have not been very active or motivated to do anything. Being able to see my friends, talk to the coaches, and exercise as a team, I have been able to gain some of the motivation back,” said Perla Romero,  the Deputy Commander of Athletics. 

Coming down to the last weeks in the semester, unfortunately, with Covid striking up again,  restrictions are going up. Currently, the plan is to cancel in-person training because of the rising cases. The safety of everyone’s health is important because we do not want to endanger anyone. But we hope to still find a way students can stay active and motivated at home, because it has helped bring the spirit back up in students academically and socially. 

In-person training got students out of their homes and active. When talking to the coaches they had mentioned, “ When we held conditioning at school prior to the pandemic athletes would complain about the workouts, but now many of them have shown appreciation and are grateful that they are out there moving around, and start getting back on track with conditioning.” This pandemic has taught many of us to be grateful and appreciative of what we have. That is something the coaches have seen in the students, to stay conditioned for when the season finally does although we can not meet in person anymore a plan to stay active will be up soon.