Impact of Covid at NVMI

Impact of Covid at NVMI

Britany Medina , Staff Writer

As cases continue to rise and California enters its second lockdown of the year, many families across the world, including two  NVMI students, Flor Reyes and Aliza Novoa are impacted. We are all learning how to adjust throughout these hard times in this pandemic.  For many, it has been difficult to hear from close family members who  have tested positive for this deadly virus. 

“Covid-19 has impacted my whole entire family from California to Mexico,” Flor Reyes states. 

During this pandemic, Flor and her family have been through so much loss and change. “My family and I have had to deal with our close relatives calling and telling us that we have lost another member of our family. We have had to deal with all these family deaths and just hearing that our relatives have passed away has been so hard to hear and deal with, especially since this virus is continuing to take many more lives.” 

One of the hardest things her family has had to deal with is when both her father and oldest brother would come back from work. “My dad and brother have been working throughout this pandemic. Every time a worker from my father’s work would get sick, he would have to get  tested and every day there is that fear of him coming home and saying he has tested positive.” 

Sadly, the day came when her father did test positive. “I was very anxious, scared, and nervous when this day came. When my father contracted Covid it was hard staying strong. I wanted to show that everything will be fine and that he will indeed get through this.” For her family to be safe and not contract the virus, her family took very strict precautions. She and her siblings were no longer able to go out to places and were not able to have any more contact with their relatives. Whenever her father and brother got back from work, they would have to change out of their clothes in the garage just to be extra safe and sure their family didn’t come in contact with the virus.

“Scared.  We were all scared. Just waiting to see if we had contracted Covid,” Aliza Novoa stated when one of her aunt and cousin were exposed to Covid. When her family was told that both her aunt and cousin contracted the virus, the whole family worried because they had been in close contract. 

Once Aliza’s family knew that they had been in contact with the virus, they had to contract trace. They started taking very strict precautions. Before one of her close relatives came in contact with Covid, people would be invited over to her house, but once they knew that they might have the virus, they limited close interaction with people. 

As Aliza said,  “The hardest thing about Covid, not knowing when things are going to be better and what’s going to happen next. Even if you contract Covid you don’t know if you will get it again or the aftermath and side effects.