How are We Doing with Covid?

How are We Doing with Covid?

Arely Galicia Martinez , Staff Writer

The COVID-19 epidemic took everyone by surprise.  It had a big impact on everyone.  It seems that everyone is struggling but still trying their best to be motivated and to keep up their good work. I interviewed several people to discuss life before and during the pandemic .

Yasmin Alva is a cadet at NVMI. She feels so unmotivated and tired of being at home.  She wants to be at school socializing with people instead of being stuck at home in front of a computer. She wants to go back to her favorite activities, visiting family, camping, going out with friends, and shopping. She wants to see her family and friends without being afraid of getting the virus. Yasmin’s  advice for every student who is having trouble with this pandemic  “ Stay motivated and keep up doing your good work, I know this has not been easy at all but one day everything will go back to normal.” 

 Ruby Pimentel said, my grandmother said.  “ I never thought we were going to go through this, it’s been a hard time for every single person but there’s nothing we can do just follow instructions and stay safe.” 

Pimentel, who  recently recovered from  COVID 19, said it was a really bad experience for her because she had to stop working for a whole month. It’s really sad knowing that a lot of people have been through the same situation as her and too many do not survive.  

 Karen Martinez, a choreographer, had her life deeply affected by the virus. She stopped performing for four months and she had issues  at her other job which caused her economic difficulties.  However, she was able to return to teaching dance.  According to her, so many people went through the same situation and are very sad seeing that people can’t work. This causes stress which may also have health effects.  She reported that the level of stress that everyone has was lower before.  Almost every single person in the world is suffering from having too much stress. But if everyone stays home and  follows instructions as they tell us, this whole pandemic will go away faster. 

Everyone has to be strong enough and continue the way we are living at the moment. This helps us to appreciate every little thing we have because we never know what will happen. This pandemic is not  easy at all  and everyone wants to go to the life we used to love, but this teaches us a lesson on  how to be thankful  for everything we have in life.