History and Future of Covid-19


April Castaneda, Staff Writer

 Covid-19 took the world by storm leaving nothing untouched.  It took our daily lives as we knew them.   Covid was first reported on December 31,2019 in Wuhan, China. Covid spread like fire from country to country.  Left and right people got more and more sick.

California went on lockdown on March 13,2020.  In order to protect ourselves, we stayed 6 feet apart and wore masks when we went outside, shutting down all non-essential places. This left millions of people without jobs and even homeless.  President Donald Trump down played all of this. This led  his supporters and other people to not wear masks, making more people sick and endangering others.

Health care workers are fighting hard to help the ones who are literally dying of the virus.  It is said that things should start looking good again next year but who knows what can happen.