Home Cooking Adventures

Home Cooking Adventures

Valery Hernandez Flores, Staff Writer

Everyone loves that feeling of walking into a room and being hit with an aroma bomb. Sometimes it’s freshly baked cookies, other times it’s soup simmering on the stove, or even a burnt pot roast. 

Cooking is in no way an easy task, but during quarantine, when restaurants are limited, you have to make due with the skills you have and put something out there. Iveth Rivera knows this all too well.

“Cooking is either a very rewarding or damning experience,” says Iveth Rivera, a new comer to the world of home cooking. “When you follow all the steps correctly, and you double check, The result should be amazing right? Most of the time yes, but other times…..not so much.”

Rivera started at a pretty basic skill set. “The most difficult recipe I had made before quarantine was Instant Ramen. … Now, I can make meatball soup with a mexican twist from scratch!” Iveth believes that because of quarantine,  people’s skills are being put to the test and with the extra time they now have on their hands, people are finally stepping up for the challenge.

“I started cooking at a pretty young age because I hated waking my family up to just give me a bowl of cereal. It was hard at first but with more practice, the easier it was!” Rivera  said that she can now remember very difficult recipes from scratch, having practiced them often. “The biggest reason I started cooking was being able to make something to bring joy to so many people.” 

When asked how she learned, Rivera stated “I first started cooking with my grandmother. Her word was law when it came to household cooking.” She first started with prepping ingredients. “I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the stove at first. After a few days though, she finally trusted me and My progress skyrocketed!”

After making several meals under Grandma Rivera’s watchful eye, she was finally able to branch out into other cooking styles. “For thanksgiving, I looked all over the internet for a good apple pie recipe. After finding one, I locked everyone out of the kitchen and made the pie a day in advance, so it could cool overnight.” With her music blaring, she got to work.

Sweating bullets, Iveth presented the pie to her family after the main course. Much to her relief, everyone loved it! “I have never been so happy for something to turn out so well.” 

But Iveth is not done just yet. She plans on being able to make traditional ramen from scratch. “It’s ambitious, sure, but I want to be able to show off at dinner parties, you know?” 

“A piece of advice I’d give to others is to keep trying. It doesn’t always turn out right but if you keep trying it should in the end. Also, when a pan is on a stove, always assume it’s hot. Never trust a pan on a stove.” 

Wise words, indeed.