How are Students Doing during Covid?

How are Students Doing during Covid?

Although school has become virtual, did you ever stop to think how students are doing and feeling during this time?

 Before this pandemic,  students had a daily routine of waking up, going to school, participating in sports and then going home to do homework. Daily routines are  different now because of this virus.  

 ”We spend most of our time outside of school working hard to get things done. Most of us have a lot of responsibilities at home. By the time I finally get to homework, it’s already night and I’m tired. So I stay up all night and I barely sleep now.” said one of the student’s interviewed.

School is certainly different now. Many students are losing motivation and that is not good for their mental health.

Another of the students  interviewed said that she has “lost all motivation to do anything since the start of the pandemic.” Her motivation to do well in school was sports and since that stopped, she has lost hope. 

She and many others feel stuck in their homes.  Students can’t see their friends anymore. They have no social life and it drains all the energy that they have. 

The student also said that the amount of work that she is given isn’t helping her motivation and she doesn’t understand the material that she is learning. 

The seniors right now are under a lot of pressure to turn in copious amounts of work and also complete college applications.  One senior stated that “They give us no time to relax and take a break, I don’t even want to wake up to go to school anymore it’s just too much.” We also can’t forget that parents still want their kids to get good grades and that is putting even more pressure on the students. They keep giving us false hope,  telling us that the pandemic is going away but it’s about to be a year and no real change has happened.