Quarantine’s Effect on Physical & Mental Health



Damien Garcia, Staff Writer

Since the third week of March, the people of the United States have been quarantined in their homes. These were the instructions when the outbreak of Covid-19 hit the United States. President Trump said we would be on lockdown for fourteen days, but those days turned into weeks, now those weeks have turned into months. It has now been 40 weeks.

Thus being stuck in lockdown, many of us feel very distant, or even isolated from family members or friends we were used to seeing everyday. 

As my father stated, ¨This is definitely a new experience being stuck at home, with the same faces everyday. Sometimes when I’m out, I just like to drive, and enjoy being outside again, because if I’m not running errands, then I’m at home doing nothing every single day again.¨ 

 There are some positive things that have occurred during the pandemic. Many people have picked up new hobbies.  I started binge watching shows I have always wanted to watch, but just never had the time. I also became a better artist, since I’ve had the time to paint. 

My mother says, ¨Since I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, I decided to learn how to cook more meals. I am very proud of myself for learning new things, and being able to feed my family something I can proudly say cooked.¨ 

In spite of being in lockdown, many people worried when the outbreak first hit the United States, so people stocked up on food and supplies. 

During quarantine, some people would eat too much because they were bored not because they were actually hungry. 

¨Yeah man, I noticed I would be eating all the snacks we had in our cabinet, sometimes like 3 bags of Doritos a day, and I was barely even hungry. I noticed myself picking up a few pounds too, I should probably start working out or something,” is what my brother had to say about his eating habits during this quarantine. 

While people were over eating, other people decided to just train, and work out. Many people took advantage of the fact that we were all on lockdown, so they decided to get in shape. 

¨This pandemic is probably the best thing that could’ve happened to my health. Well, physically at least. I just started doing push ups and slowly started to build my metabolism, and work out at my own rate. Before I knew it, I was in the best shape I have ever been in, my entire life.¨

This was my brother’s thoughts on how quarantine has helped him, and other people get back into shape, or get into shape. Being quarantined was just the little push I needed.

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