Learning Loss Mitigation


Stephanie Najar

“One of the most difficult tests facing schools this fall is how to pull off widespread intervention and assistance for students who begin the 2020-21 school year with learning loss.” Edsource 2020                     


This challenge is not a new one. California classrooms have always been heterogeneous, serving students of vastly different backgrounds. But those gaps will be intensified due to the disparities in access to health care, the internet, and robust teaching wrought by COVID-19 since last March.


Historically, efforts to “catch kids up” have been disappointing, with so-called turnaround programs and even much-heralded approaches like Response to Intervention producing mixed results in practice.” Edsource 2020


The NVMI synchronous online learning program that we have employed since March 2020, is highly effective and students who have participated in our rigorous daily online learning will not suffer  from learning loss.  We have a solid curriculum; a commitment to grade-level teaching; and strategies to engage students, including tracking them down and contacting them if they aren’t showing up for remote learning.

“By far the most effective intervention for students who have fallen behind—intensive tutoring—has high start-up costs. While there are ways to lower some of them, severe budget cuts could put it out of reach for all but a fraction of districts.”  USA Today 2020.  Indeed, the federal government’s response to the pandemic means that leaders can’t count on additional help to defray the cost of doing more for students who will return to school with less.  Unlike most schools, NVMI will increase our numbers of tutors and academic coaching staff.

NVMI has trained tutors to help our students. Proactively, we have and are continuing to write grants, hire teacher support staff and provide  tutors before, during and after school.  Our all hands on approach to solving the learning loss issue has always been available and will continue to serve for any and all of our students who want our help.