What is Self-Awareness and Why is it Important ? 


Anastasia Cano , Staff Writer

Self-Awareness is the ability to understand, and recognize how you see yourself, and how others see you. It includes an understanding of your personality, motives, and goals.  Self-awareness is  really important for NVMI cadets because they are spending too much time looking on computers and focusing on work.  This may distance cadets from doing things that bring them joy or lead them to feeling overwhelmed. 

Self-awareness helps teenagers and adults because it enables you  to make changes and build on your strengths. You can address weaknesses. In school, at the workplace, and in our interactions  with family and friends, self-awareness will help you grow, and thrive.

Self-awareness seems straightforward, but many individuals struggle with it.  However, it is possible to build up those  skills.  The effort  becomes worth it  the end. Identifying our emotions and values helps strengthen individual well-being.  It creates a structure for the cognitive abilities needed to achieve personal and career achievement.