Supe’s Corner 11/30/20


Dr. Mark Ryan

As of Monday, November 30, we have EIGHT regular days of classes plus TWO half days. Then we begin final exams. The exam schedule can be found in the Monthly Calendar on this site. I wanted to take this chance to remind everyone about a few things relating to finals:
  • they are comprehensive, which means they cover everything from all 16 weeks of the fall semester
  • the best ways to study them are to: 1) look over your notebooks entries; 2) review all Cornell Notes; 3) use the study guide your teacher gives you; 4) don’t wait until the last minute to study; student for 10-15 minutes per day per class so you remember more of the material
  • get your daily exercise because that helps your brain function better, which helps your memory and will help your final exam grades
  • be sure you eat a good breakfast every morning and healthy lunch/dinner/snacks during the day; nutrition helps your brain function well also
  • consider forming a study group with some friends in your classes and have each person become a subject matter expert to lead the studying for a particular class; if you have 5-6 people in a group, each one can focus on one subject and teach/review that subject with the whole group
  • if you have missing assignments for classes, NOW is the time to get them done; teachers will take them for full credit, but if you have a lot to accomplish, it will be overwhelming if you try to do it all the weekend before finals
  • prioritize studying for the exams you think you need the most work on, and spend less time on those you feel like you have down fairly well
  • Above all, try to maintain a positive mental attitude about finals. They can be and often are stressful, but getting over-stressed will only make things worse and result in lower grades.
  • Try to relax. Do activities that relax you before AND each study session.
If your teacher does not give you a final exam study guide by the end of this week, ask them for one and tell them I said they should be doing one for you because you read this in the Supe’s Corner!
Remember, too, that if you fail any class(es), you have to make them up for five weeks in Winter Intersession, and that means you will not be able to do any of the Los Angeles Mission College classes during that time, nor will you be able to participate in any of the fun electives being offered. Failing a class is a real pain for you because you have to spend 60+ hours making up EACH course over five weeks. So, now is the time to be sure you pass everything. That is also true with any credit recovery classes you might currently be enrolled in. If you failed a class in a previous semester, you are enrolled in an after school and Saturday class to make up that class. If you do not pass all classes, you cannot culminate from middle school or graduate from high school, AND you cannot move into the next grade level. So now we are down to the final opportunity to pass all of your classes. I know that with hard work, it is possible for each of you to pass. It just requires the effort. Remember our motto, Per Ardua Ad Astra – Through Adversity to the Stars! Studying and doing all of this work is an adversity, but it gets you to a wonderful goal of graduation and college and a successful adult life.  Best wishes on successful finals.