Merits for Prizes

Merits for Prizes

The prizes available are as follows:


GameStop $25.00 Gift Card 250 (merits)
GameStop $50.00 Gift Card 500 (merits)
Target $10.00 Gift Card 100 (merits)
Target $20.00 Gift Card 200 (merits)
Target $50.00 Gift Card 500 (merits)
Target $100.00 Gift Card 1000 (merits)
In-n-Out $10.00 Gift Card 100 (merits)
In-n-Out $20.00 Gift Card 200 (merits)
In-n-Out $50.00 Gift Card 500 (merits)
AMC $20.00 Gift Card 200 (merits)
AMC $50.00 Gift Card 500 (merits)
Amazon $25.00 Gift Card 250 (merits)
Amazon $50.00 Gift Card 500 (merits)
Amazon $100.00 Gift Card 1000 (merits)


Important Notes:


  • An email will be sent next week on Wednesday (12/2/2020) containing your merit balance and a checklist where you could enter which gift cards you would like to purchase with your merits.


  • If the number of gifts cards you enter exceeds the amount of merits you have, I will adjust the amount of gift cards you get in order to be within budget of your merits.


  •  You will have from the time you receive the email on Wednesday (12/2/2020) until Monday (12/7/2020) at 9:00 AM to submit your form, if you do not submit your request on time you will not receive your gift cards. There will be no exceptions.