Supe’s Corner 11/23/20


Well, we have made it through TWELVE whole weeks of synchronous learning. I realize everyone is tired. Teachers and staff are just as tired as students and families. We have school Monday and Tuesday and only a half day Wednesday. Cadets will earn ONE HUNDRED MERITS for each day they attend this week – that’s 100 merits for coming to all classes on Monday, 100 more merits for coming to all classes on Tuesday, and 100 more merits for coming to all shorter classes on Wednesday. That means you can earn a grand total of THREE HUNDRED MERITS THIS WEEK – which equals about $30 – yes THIRTY DOLLARS to spend in merits. There will be a chance to spend your merits the week we return from Thanksgiving Break, and you will be able to spend the merits on things like gift cards for Target, Amazon, Game Stop, Itunes, and various restaurants.
Wednesday we will have a special, fun COLLEGE DAY, where you will get to take virtual tours of various colleges, including some of the colleges your teachers attended! Then beginning at 12:15 Wednesday, and continuing into all of Thursday and Friday, we have some much-needed time off. Rest. Relax. Recharge. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Don’t spread the CORONAVIRUS or catch the Coronavirus by hanging out with people who are not in your immediate household. Try to keep each other honest about this. The spread has obviously gotten significantly worse and it is clearly a significant danger to all of us right now. PLEASE follow the directions of the public health officials and government when they tell you that you are SAFER AT HOME.
Remember, too, when we get back, we will have only EIGHT regular days of school, TWO HALF DAYS, and then FINAL EXAMS. The final exam schedule is listed in the LOOK AHEAD CALENDAR on the Hawks Cast News Site. These exams are very important ways for you to show your teachers that you learned what they taught. If you pass your final exam but were failing the course, you will passthe class. Yes, you heard that right. Even if you go into the final with a very low grade, if you pass it with a 70% or higher, you will pass the course for the semester. That should be some significant motivation for you to study for finals and try your very best.