Intersession News


The fall semester ends at winter break, December 18.    This means that you have time to pass all of your classes for this Fall semester.  If you don’t pass your classes, you have to take credit recovery for Intersession.  Intersession is 5 weeks in length.  You can take fun classes or college classes during winter break instead of taking credit recovery classes if you pass your classes now.


Another bonus for passing your classes now is less time online for the 5 week intersession.  We have streamlined the schedule this year to make it less time online for some students who have passed ALL of their Fall classes.  We have eleven Los Angeles Mission College classes for our students to take and earn both high school and college credit for the 5-week intersession. Middle school students will also have the same opportunities to take enrichment classes if they pass all their classes. 


Please take advantage of this incredible opportunity for intersession by passing your classes this Fall.  If you need help, our teachers are ready to help you.  We also have before, during and after school tutoring.  We may not have this opportunity for this many enrichment classes in the future.  Take advantage now and do your part by passing your classes for Fall.