Supe’s Corner


As we all continue to struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to continue to use this SUPE’S CORNER to share my thoughts with all members of the NVMI family, communicate what is happening right now in school, what is planned for the future, answer questions you may have, and generally promote open communication between the school and home.

Once question people sometimes ask me, is “Why do you call this the Supe’s Corner?  At military academies such as West Point or Annapolis, the academy Superintendent is called “The Supe” for short; thus – Supe’s Corner.

I also wanted you to know that I am adding a “PLAN AHEAD” calendar  located in the This Week section on the Hawks Cast News site. This will get updated weekly and include what I consider the most critical things parents and students need to know. This is NOT a comprehensive calendar, but it gives you the highlights. The main school google calendar is also linked below the PLAN AHEAD calendar.

The biggest announcement I want to make this week is that I am scheduling both English and Spanish NVMI FAMILY TOWN HALL MEETINGS which will be a chance for everyone to come hear about the latest response by NVMI to COVID, plans for eventual reopening, news about our plans for activities within our Athletics Pillar and Leadership Pillar, and details about our mental health counseling services available to students and families. These Town Hall meetings will include a chance for questions from families. Please consider attending one of these:

ENGLISH TOWN HALL MEETING – Saturday, November 7 from 4PM-5PM

SPANISH TOWN HALL MEETING – Saturday, November 7 from 5PM – 6PM

Stay safe and healthy,

Dr. Ryan